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As winner of numerous international awards, Bruschi Spa is known for its innovative approach in design and technology. We are glad to share our insights and experiences with the industry members.

A vertical approach to production starts from product co-design and mold design, followed by tool manufacturing and the definition of the die casting process.

The production cycle is eventually completed by additional treatments or processes, which allows the die caster to offer not only die cast parts, but also finished goods. This can also happen through to the cooperation with external, specialized partners.

More specifically, this post will deal with chrome plating and painting of zinc die castings.

by Marcello Cazzaniga June 11, 2021


This post deals with the fundamentals of die casting machines and their role in the whole die casting process. Moreover, the post gives an outlook on the sector's future perspectives.

by Ermo Fusè April 15, 2021

In this post we will focus on zinc alloy actuators of large air conditioning systems, explaining what they are and how their components work.

by Eugenia Lenzi February 1, 2021

In this post we will analyze the properties of zinc components for electromechanical systems and then review some products that can illustrate the advantages that Zamak can confer to articles intended for this sector. 

by Vera Agostini September 16, 2020

In this post we analyze proprieties and applications of Zamak components for textile machineries. The textile sector is indeed an interesting sector considering the continuous technological research which makes indispensable the use of high-performance components capable of responding to high technical and production requirements.

by Vera Agostini June 29, 2020

In this post we are going to briefly analyze the characteristics of zamak and to highlight its advantages in the production of components for electronic products. After that, we will review some components explaining how choosing zamak has made them more beneficial compared with similar products manufactured with other materials.

by Vera Agostini February 27, 2020

Industrialization of the product is a very delicate phase in the process of production of zinc alloy die casts: in fact it is in this phase that, after receiving the order from the customer, all the procedures that are necessary to start mass production are defined.

by Vera Agostini January 13, 2020

In this post, focused on the metrology laboratory, we will describe the devices employed to measure and test zinc alloy die casts intended for different market sectors.

by Vera Agostini December 4, 2019

In this post we analyze the activities of quality control in the production of zinc alloy die casts: a series of fundamental operations that accompany every phase of a project.

by Vera Agostini November 6, 2019

In this post we are analyzing how the qualities of zinc alloys become important competitive advantages in the production of lighting components. We will then review some products and their characteristics as case studies.

by Vera Agostini October 7, 2019

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