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"Collaboration, Change, Result Orientation, and Personal and Professional Growth"

BRUSCHI AND SCHOOLS: a bridge between school and the world of work

At Bruschi we firmly believe in young talents, we know that school training is essential but it is equally important that schools and companies learn to cooperate to facilitate the transition of students to the world of work. This is why we are committed to organizing targeted courses for young people, starting from their interests and their basic training, to create professional figures in line with business needs.

This is why Bruschi is committed to promoting and establishing strong ties with the local area and its schools with a view to creating valuable partnerships for students and the community. We would like to encourage an attitude of openness towards the schools in the area, making available infrastructures and resources that allow students to live educational experiences and are able to bring them closer to the constantly evolving world of work.

We have transformed the normal path of access for a young person to the world of work into paths for transversal skills and orientation that take place in all company departments. We, therefore, made ourselves available to welcome young people from different institutes in all our offices: not only production and design but also administration, marketing, logistics, and quality office. We, therefore, offer numerous possibilities for students from different fields of study by offering them specific and declined training on their path.


Tour-aziendali-e-incontri-nelle-scuoleOur activities with schools do not end here. In fact, in line with the goal of addressing a wide and varied audience of students and bringing them closer to the world of work, we periodically organize two other important initiatives:

- Participation in meetings organized by schools, to present our company and the career opportunities present.

- The organization of educational visits to our factories to allow young people to learn about the die-casting production process and concretely experience the Bruschi business reality.

Collaborations and meetings are aimed at both young people from secondary education institutions and the world of universities. We host triennial and master's undergraduates in our establishments, to allow them to complete their training courses with curricular and extracurricular internships in the field, often also aimed at drafting the degree thesis.


PIT STOP: a moment of dialogue for personal, professional, and corporate growth

Lavora-con-noiAn initiative in which we strongly believe in Bruschi is the organization of periodic meetings with our collaborators, which are called PIT STOP. These are moments of confrontation and dialogue that involve individual collaborators, the area manager, the selection and development manager, and the owners of the company.

The objective of the PIT STOPs is twofold: on the one hand, they allow you to plan the training and professional and personal growth path of each individual employee to make them able to work more and more independently and with greater awareness. On the other hand, they also represent a moment of confrontation where the worker can freely propose new ideas but also highlight any areas for business improvement, thus allowing Bruschi itself to improve and create a serene and collaborative work environment thanks to listening to valuable opinions and ideas of all those who live the Bruschi daily life day after day. Understanding one's internal strengths and weaknesses is the basis for harmonious growth of the entire team and reconciling the achievement of personal goals with those of the company.


Bruschi encourages its collaborators to submit CVs of friends, relatives, and acquaintances to internal attention.

This initiative aims to stimulate a new way to find collaborators who can be part of the Bruschi team and also allow employees to propose people who they consider valid and important for the development of the company.

To facilitate these spontaneous applications from our collaborators, we have created a page on the company website through which it is possible to propose curricula for the various company departments and we have also placed a physical box within our plants that facilitates the collection of CVs.


We want all our collaborators to have the opportunity to make suggestions, propose projects or simple ideas. To encourage this initiative, therefore, in Bruschi there is an open dialogue and, in digital mode as in physical mode, there is the "Idea Box": anyone who has useful suggestions for the company can express them by filling out a special form and depositing it in the box. The goal is to always intercept new proposals and stimulate the proactivity of our collaborators.


FIRST WEEK: An initial tour of the company to fully understand the company's dynamics

The philosophy behind every growth path in Bruschi is based on understanding the processes and dynamics that govern life in the company. This is why we organize training courses called "FIRST WEEK" in the first weeks of entry into the company, aimed to introduce new hires to the company at 360 °. The new collaborators are led to the various company departments to learn about the peculiarities of each task: the department heads are spokespersons for the activities carried out within their department, telling the importance of the function within the Bruschi process, the tasks performed, the roles of people and the typical day in their office. This allows you to have an overall view of the company but is also a useful opportunity to get to know and get in touch with new colleagues and the entire Bruschi team.


Crescita-personale-e-professionaleBruschi has always dedicated great importance to internal training, reserving refresher courses, and developing skills and competencies for its employees. In addition to the development of specific skills useful in carrying out normal daily activities, the company also dedicates particular importance to training courses with external subjects aimed at the growth of the worker with vocational training projects: an Innovation Plan consisting of several courses relating to related issues both in foundry and production, and in language skills, but also in the development of managerial skills among employees.

These activities are carried out with moments of lectures, workshops, debates, and online events to provide and increase specific skills and stimulate people's reflection and guide them in achieving three important fundamental objectives for corporate life in Bruschi: collaboration propensity for change and result orientation.

"1 HOUR OF ... WITH ..."

Always with a view to contributing to the personal development of its employees, Bruschi has created a new initiative called "1 hour of ... with ...", a cycle of webinars open to all Bruschi employees and based on 1-hour speeches in which they are involved in turn authoritative speakers able to provide ideas and insights on the current socio-economic situation, on the issues of "doing business" today or simply valuable contributions born from their own experience and ability to encourage the collective and personal reflection of the webinar participants.

The webinar cycle "1 hour of ... with ..." stands as an initiative that is in a certain sense disruptive in the business context, because it goes beyond the typical individual roles and tasks, allowing all employees to open up to transversal themes and that they all concern closely, so as to feed a feeling of belonging towards the vision and values shared in Bruschi.






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