Technology: We use the best and most advanced technologies that, together with our cross-industry expertise and vertical approach to die casting, enable us to create added value to the products commissioned by our customers thus meeting the highest standards in terms of innovation and quality.

Co-design: We cooperate with the customer in every step of the project, from the creative process to mass production in order to help our clients to improve ideas and products, to minimize risk, to save and innovate at the same time.

Mass production: We produce 60 million components every year, with 4.000 tons of zinc alloy processed. We believe that every project, as well as every product, is unique: we stand out for our ability to find solutions to improve the quality and performance of our industrial components in zinc alloy.

All of this is possible only thanks to our team: it is the skills and abilities of each of us that make it possible to turn ideas into products. We have created this section to let you know better who, day after day, builds our reality.

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Annalisa Nelson, Project Sales Coordinator 

I have been working in Bruschi for about 20 years. When I started Marco and Silvio Bruschi were working together with us and our customers were mainly Italian.

Over time I have seen Bruschi growing up, evolving and changing: new technologies and new die casting machines have arrived, new departments for finishing and assembly has been established and, then, also Bruschi USA has born.

I believe that it is precisely the transformation and the continuous changes of this productive reality that make me love my work. In fact, it is difficult to feel boredom or even the passage of time in such a place.


Ute Pagel, Executive Assistant and Purchasing

During my 20+ years with the die casting industry, I have supported four different presidents as an Executive Assistant, supporting other departments as needed, and have since expanded my role into Purchasing as well, including MRO.

With Bruschi, I also get to expand my Purchasing knowledge into Project Buying, allowing me to continue to grow with the various solutions required to quote some of our new business opportunities, and providing me a closer connection with some of our suppliers.

Bruschi is a great company to grow and learn with.


Matteo Annovazzi, Mechanical Designer

I had the privilege of being part of the exceptional team at Bruschi in June 2010.

From the very beginning, working near the foundry gave me the opportunity to expand my technical knowledge and adapt to the fast pace of the production line.

The desire to make design my main job, and the opportunity to experiment offered by the company encouraged me to accept this new challenge.

At Bruschi, hard work and dedication are rewarded with trust and openness to changes proposed by employees.


Courtney Baryshnikova, Human Resources

After almost a decade in industrial sales, I decided to make a shift my career to join the team at Bruschi USA as Human Resources.

I've always loved working withpeople and building relationships, and the field of HR is constantly growing and changing - the challenges that it offers are endless!

Even with its international presence, Bruschi offers the small-company family-feel that I love to be a part of and affords me many opportunities to grow professionally.


Alec Opheim, Process Engineer

Bruschi has given me the opportunity to apply my education in Materials Engineering to determine how defects happen in parts during the die casting process and explore ways to prevent them.

Bruschi has experienced setup technicians and process engineers to lean on for knowledge and support. Through this, I feel as though I’ve started to blend academics and application in the manufacturing industry which I enjoy very much.

I thank God I was able to join the team at Bruschi.


Alec Ramponi, Tooling Apprentice

During 2020, I had the privilege of participating in a school-work alternation program in Bruschi. Finding myself well, I had the opportunity to repeat the experience in the following two years.

For me, this represented a significant opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during my school career and to acquire a more in-depth understanding of the job prospects associated with obtaining the diploma. At the end of my school career, I became part of the Bruschi team in all respects.

I believe that the school-work alternation at Bruschi represented a fundamental step in my personal and professional growth, providing me with a solid foundation to successfully face the challenges of the world of work. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me and motivated to continue contributing to the company's success.

Alec Ramponi