Die casting video

In Bruschi die casting means constant research. Our die casting video show the search for best productive, technological and design solutions. We look for new ways to satisfy the customer guaranteeing a quality, reliable and efficient supply chain. But it is more than that. We also look for ways to communicate: to talk to those who do not know us yet and to those who have known us for a long time. To convey the commitment, the experience and the passion with which we face our daily challenges: for this reason we created our video case studies.

Our Company Profile

In our company profile video we show you the highlights of our design and production process and the various fields of application of our products.


Bruschi S.p.A

Our headquarter in Abbiategrasso is the place in which most of our productive process happens. In our engineering department we carry out activities of co-design, simulation, rapid prototyping and tool design. In our tool shop we take care of tool construction and maintenance while die casting and mass production happens, of course, in our foundry department.

Die casting for coffee machines 

This product is a part of a coffee machine destinated to the consumer market. It has very high aesthetical requirements and it is characterized by a very complex shape that needs a perfect chrome plating in order to enter the houses and the kitchens of the final consumers. This components is the lower section of the coffee machine. Here we show you the process to produce it. 


Die casting for electronic steering wheel lock

This component of the electronic steering wheel lock is a product that needs very high levels of precision and quality. In the video below we show you the innovative technical solutions and the mold design strategies that we have developed to combine the complex geometry of the component with the standards demanded for the automotive industry and the needs of our production system.


Die casting for sunroofs | automotive parts

To meet the strict qualitative standards of the automotive industry we put in place our experience and our cutting-edge design and productive solutions. In this way we managed to realize a component characterized by thin walls thickness and a very complex shape, free of every little deformation and with a great dimensional stability.


Die casting for building industry: windows and doors

This component exemplifies particularly well the co-design process that we undertake with the customer. Thanks to the long-time experience gained in the manufacturing sector, the technical expertise and 75 years of know how in zinc die casting, we realized a product characterized by specific aesthetical and functional properties.




Die casting for household appliances: hinge for washing machines

The hinge for washing machines is a component that allows us to exemplify in a direct way our approach to die casting. An approach made of exchange and share of information and experience with the customer, of design, of prototyping, of research and experimentation of innovative technological solutions that allow us to optimize the processes and to meet the needs of the customer. The result is a component with an optimal shape both in terms of functionality and production feasibility.


Die casting for automotive industry

Components for the automotive industry demands absolute precision and constant research for the most reliable technical solutions. It is a challenge that we proudly face, confident that we can offer to our customers products able to satisfy them. Thanks to our die casting process, to automation and to our technical skills we are able to guarantee great manufacturing precision and pieces that are compliant with the strict qualitative standards of the industry.


Semi-automatic assembly - Bruschi for White Goods Industry

Bruschi developed and realized a machine for semi-automatic assembly in order to considerably reduce the working time and to implement strict production controls. The machine has been designed for the assembly of different versions of the hinge for washing machines.



Automatic secondary operations – Bruschi for Automotive Industry

Our machine for automatic secondary operations allows us to save in terms of costs and time in regards to secondary operations of threading and, thanks to the integrated quality control system, it is able to separate the compliant components from the non-compliant ones.