Giuseppe Bruschi founded his company of molding to produce zinc alloy die casted products 70 years ago, during one of the most difficult periods of Italian history, guided by intuition, skills and initiative. While the country was trying to get back up, the company started growing and, from mechanical workshop for the construction of molds, it became a foundry producing zinc alloy die casted products.

 At first, the company had only one semi-automatic machine and one technician, but thanks to the determination and smart business decisions of Giuseppe Bruschi, the company was able to gradually strengthen its structure over the years from a technological point of view as well as in human resources, professional skills and training. The name Bruschi began to stand out in the zinc die casting market for its ability to find solutions to complex engineering problems for molding zinc alloy die casting, becoming an important landmark in the industry sector.

 The turning point, which brought the company to an important market positioning, became in 1983: in these years, the company changed its leadership passing from Giuseppe to Marco and, in the same period, Bruschi revolutionized the industry by defining the concept of vacuum zinc alloy die-casting.

 Giuseppe Bruschi introduced this new concept as an innovative method that allows to obtain improved performances. This improvement was defined by the increasing performances of mechanical qualities, which excluded problems related to internal porosity and improved the process stability. A real innovation in the industry.

 Giuseppe Bruschi’s mission continued thanks to his sons, Marco and Silvio, who steered their team to challenges with passion and innovation.

 The hard work, the passion and the employees collaboration allowed the company to achieve important quality standards, which are the reasons why Bruschi received many prestigious international awards. In 1997 and 2002 Bruschi won the NADCA Award, given by the North American Die Casting Association.

 These are important awards, which enables Bruschi to be internationally recognized as a leader in the die casting industry in zinc alloys.

 Bruschi is an active company in the market and it is also able to be innovative at managerial level. Marco and Silvio Bruschi have indeed personally overseen the growth of capable managers and advocated their important presence in the company.

 In July 2016, this coaching has been concluded with a friendly management buyout by the same managers, Paolo Rastelli and Simone Maggiori, owners of Meshpa Srl: they bought Bruschi S.p.A. under the direction of Bruschi brothers. For more information about the management buyout please Click here

In this way, the company is on the market with new ideas and new energy, maintaining its history as examples.

 Bruschi, in September 2016, won the third NADCA Award in its history, given by the North American Die Casting Association. Besides, it won the prestigious European Zinc Die Casting Competition 2016, organized by the International Zinc Association.

In 2017 Bruschi obtains SMETA 4-Pillars certification in order to give its clients the certainty to have a sustainable production system, certified by Sedex organization.

The transfer of ownership than gave new life to the vertical integration project, that allows Bruschi to position itself on the market as an all-in-one solutions supplier in the world of zinc alloys die casting. For further information on Bruschi’s vertical integrated approach to industrial process click here

This drive for innovation led Bruschi to structure an internationalization plan in 2018 that led to the opening of a production plant in the United States. An important project, which allows the company to serve its customers on two continents and to start other collaborations directly in North America.

This initiative officially started with the acquisition of an operating plant in the city of Milwaukee, WI. Click here for more information.