Bruschi Headquarter: Abbiategrasso (Italy) - Zinc Die Casting

Bruschi headquarter is located in Abbiategrasso and, with our facilities, we offer services of hot chamber die casting, co-design and assembly, providing our customers with components ready for the market, in an integrated vertical approach to zinc die casting. 

▪ Idea

Ideas are the core of our business: many companies rely on Bruschi not only for the manufacturing of components, but also to require brand new design and projects.

In Bruschi R&D department, every idea is combined with our know-how to create the most functional products for our customers.

▪ Co-Design

Co-design is a collaboration between client and supplier, and it is fundamental to optimize a product and  adapt it to the process of die casting.

To design both the product and the mold, our engineers use a 3D CAD software with integrated Finite Elements Method simulation software: these studies help reducing the gap between designs and production, optimizing the whole process.

▪ Simulation

Die casting simulation helps designers to foresee precisely all material reactions inside the mold cavity, through a thermo-fluid dynamic analysis.

In our engineering department we use MAGMASoft and other professional software to run VAVE analysis. By using this kind of software, it is possible to identify and prevent possible defects, optimizing the filling process to obtain the best result.

▪ Rapid Prototyping

The term Rapid Prototyping identifies a group of techniques used to create a model of a physical part or assembly.

In Bruschi we make our prototypes using soft tool, in order to create a model that has the same mechanical and physical qualities of the final die casted piece in a reduced lead-time. Rapid prototyping enables realistic trials and testing before the actual start of production.

▪ Tool Design

Bruschi Engineering department designs molds and tools, in addition to developing special automation projects based on our clients’ requests.

We design every tool needed in the production process: from the design of molds to peripheral devices, such as trimming tools, deburring machines, cooling systems, clamping robots, but also automations for machining and assembly.

▪ Tool Construction and Maintenance

In our Tool Shop, molds and all the complex periferical machines previously designed are built and tested, before becoming fully functional alongside mass production.

In our productive plant we can also count on integrated maintenance department that grants the continuity and steadiness of die casting production.

▪ Die Casting & Mass Production

Our mass production is based on hot chamber zinc alloy die casting and vacuum die casting. Vacuum die casting is a technique that grants a stable, structurally flawless casting: the vacuum valve reduces air trappings, and therefore porosity in the diecast.

Our manufacturing facility has over 20 Frech Hot Chamber die casting machines, with locking force from 20 to 200 tons, aided by ABB robots and fed through RAUCH distribution system for zinc alloy, and it is able to produce castings from a few grams up to 2.500 grams.

▪ Mechanical Operations

Every component produced in Bruschi is refined and delivered to our customers with no need of further machining.

This is possible thanks to mechanical machining operations we carry out such as threading, drilling, assembly and reaming.

▪ Finishing

Finishing techniques are mechanical processes aimed at changing a product's surface. They are usually necessary to prepare products for a galvanic, aesthetic or protective treatment, but they can also be the final stage of a component production.

In Bruschi we process components using vibration, sandblasting or polishing, granting smooth edges or shimmering components.

▪ Painting and Chrome

Painting and chroming are used to determine the final aesthetics of products, in addition to giving protection from oxidation and other external agents.

Bruschi provides products complete of surface coating, offering galvanic treatments, like chromium plating, and liquid or powder painting.

▪ Assembly

In Bruschi, we can cover requests for complex pieces that need to be combined together or with other components: automatic assembly operations are carried out in Bruschi Mechanics.

This allows us to provide our customers with pre-assembled components, ready to be integrated in the final structure.

About us

For 75 years our Italian plant has been working in industrial production in the field of zinc die casting. Over time we have distinguished as die casters for our efficiency, our accuracy, our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and our innovative drive in both design and technology. Our company stands out for its ability to find solutions to improve the quality and performance of industrial components in zinc alloy and simultaneously integrate them more easily into complex structures.


Our adaptability has made us capable of covering requests from many different sectors:


    Here at Bruschi we are constantly developing innovative solutions, tailored to each request. Our customers’ trust and loyalty are the most important acknowledgements to us, and the success of their products provides an additional evidence of the value of our die-casted products.
What we do for our clients
Bruschi for Automotive Industry

Here an example of what we do for our clients: the automated process to product a pinion plug for automotive industry.

This is just one of the many products that Bruschi manufactures: to have an overview about all the sector Bruschi serves Click Here.

Semi-automatic assembly

Bruschi has developed and produced a semi-automatic assembly machine to reduce working time and implement strict production controls significantly.

This machine mainly assembles hinges for household appliances, which need to be built with four other parts. The time savings are significant.

Automatic secondary operations

Bruschi designed and produced a machine able to do automatic secondary operations, in particular a double threading with quality check included. This quality control is obtained by checking a couple applied to the tapping of the component: if the effective tolerance does not match the expected one, the machine will indicate an error status. Other errors that can be spotted and automatically signalized are a broken or malfunctioning tapping head or quality defects in the casted piece. Once the control is over, the machine separates the products between conform and not-conformed, making the selection of the products quicker and thus allowing for a better customer service.

Working With Zinc Die Casting Products: From Design To Molding

Over the years, the production of zinc die casting components has become increasingly demanding and innovative. Zinc die casting can allow you to develop more innovative and functional products.

Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

This complexity requires advanced quality control measures both on the final product and on the whole productive system.

Bruschi products match the highest quality standards, complemented by a strict examination of the final products to grant they will fulfill our customers’ requests. To achieve this, we analyze and share every detail of design, of finishing, of aesthetical and functional requirements with our clients.

Our quality standards are subjected to strict controls to meet our customers’ expectations and ensure that they receive high-quality products.

A production process and quality standards you can trust.

Thanks to our expertise in the zinc alloy die casting industry, we are able to anticipate our customers’ needs and expectations, and to provide engineering solutions tailored to them. An excellent organization allows us to accelerate time of delivery, improve performances and simplify integrations with other components.

Bruschi ensures across-the-board quality to deliver the results you need, granting high standards of functionality and a great overall quality for the final consumer.

Over the years we have steadily increased the quality and reliability of our products and the entire casting process of zinc alloys, achieving important environmental and ethical certifications.


Discover our Sustainability Policy

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