At Bruschi, you will find a professional, collaborative, and dynamic environment that will allow you to grow considering your personality and aptitudes.

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A well-made project is the key to a valuable product. Our Engineering department works with the most advanced simulation software and the latest industry technologies to satisfy our customers' requests and guarantee the expected result. From product design to HPDC simulations, every detail of our molds and die castings is carefully planned and analyzed in close collaboration with our customers.



The foundry is the heart of our production system. Here, ideas become material through zinc, and it is essential to be able to count on trained and experienced workers.



Being ready and prepared is of vital importance in industrial production. Maintaining machinery, molds, and other equipment can have a substantial impact on the entire production cycle, and it is therefore necessary to have competent and precise people working in the Maintenance Department.



The Toolroom is the place where the molds are produced and checked. Our staff supports the Engineering and Maintenance departments by organizing and maintaining all the necessary machinery and equipment in perfect condition. People interested in working in this sector must have excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.


Sales & Marketing

Closing a sale means opening a relationship. Our Sales and Marketing departments accompany the customer through their experience in Bruschi, from creating a trusted partnership to loyalty, providing all the necessary advice and support. A good knowledge of languages and excellent interpersonal skills are the main requirements for working in this field.


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Even the best product would only be useful if it can reach its end user. In Bruschi's logistics department, precision, punctuality, and attention to detail are the fundamental qualities that provide our customers excellent delivery service.



An efficient organization is the basis of every company. This department handles all key administrative operations, including invoices, budgets, and balance sheets. A good attitude to teamwork, precision, and attention to deadlines are the qualities required to join the Team.


Human Resources

Sensitivity and involvement are the tools for a good corporate climate. We select candidates and define development plans and training for personal and professional growth, following the development of collaborators from hiring to the end of the employment relationship. Availability, empathy, determination, and confidentiality are the necessary characteristics in this business area.


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