Bruschi is committed to create and maintain a work environment where employees can express their full potential. We support and stimulate creativity, as a means to find innovative solutions . We are a dynamic and growing company and we are always looking for interesting profiles .


A well designed compound is the key to a valuable product. Our engineering department works with the most advanced simulation software and industrial technologies to comply with our clients requests and guarantee a satisfying result. From product design to HPDC simulations, every detail of our molds and die casted products is carefully planned and analyzed in close collaboration with our customers.


The foundry is the heart of our production system. It is where ideas come to life through the use of zinc, and it crucial to have well trained and experienced workers.


Always being ready and prepared is vital for industrial production. Preservation of machines, molds and other equipment can strongly impact the whole production cycle, and therefore it is necessary to have competent and precise people at work in the Maintenance department.

Tool Shop

The Tool Shop is where mold are produced and checked. Our staff supports both the Engineering Department and the Maintenance Department by organizing and preserving all the complex machineries and necessary equipment. People willing to work in this sector should be skilled in problem solving and well organized.

Sales and Marketing

Closing a sale means opening a relationship. Our Sales and Marketing departments are there to accompany our clients through their experience with Bruschi, from the begin of a partnership to brand loyalty, providing consulting when needed. A good knowledge of foreign languages and great relational skills are the main requirements for working in this field.


Even the best product would be worthless if it cannot reach its user. At Bruschi’s logistic department precision, punctuality and attention to the detail are the fundamental qualities in order to provide our customers with an excellent delivery service.


An efficient organization is at the base of every company, and Bruschi is no exception. Dealing with invoices, budgets and financial statements, our Administration manages all the fundamental bureaucratic operations. A good attitude to teamwork, precision and attention to deadlines are the core qualities needed to join the team.

Human Resources

Sensitivity and engagement are the tools for a good company atmosphere. We select candidates, define development plans and training for personal and professional growth, following the development of employees from hiring until the end of the working relationship. Availability, empathy, determination and confidentiality are the required characteristics in this business area.


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