In this post we analyze proprieties and applications of Zamak components for textile machineries. The textile sector is indeed an interesting sector considering the continuous technological research which makes indispensable the use of high-performance components capable of responding to high technical and production requirements.

by Vera Agostini June 29, 2020

In this post, focused on the metrology laboratory, we will describe the devices employed to measure and test zinc alloy die casts intended for different market sectors.

by Vera Agostini December 4, 2019

In this post we are going to describe the designing process of a hot chamber injection system, useful for casting process optimization.

by Caterina Tosca January 4, 2018

In this post we are going to talk about how the use of a HPDC simulation software can benefit the production.

by Caterina Tosca September 20, 2017

Having a metrology room inside of die casting plant, focused on the dimensional control of the components, assures the requested dimensional quality of production in order to reach customer's needs in terms of lead time and minimize risks.

by Marcello Cazzaniga July 26, 2017

In the current industrial context, reducing production times will become ever more crucial to offer customers an optimal product in the shortest time possible, with consistent cost savings.

by Marcello Cazzaniga May 22, 2017

In this article we are going to analyze a particular corrosion test called Salt Spray Test - SST, normally used to test coatings for automotive parts, in order to test their salt or mist resistance.

by Marcello Cazzaniga May 8, 2017

Zinc die casting process can have important advantages compared to other manufacturing process: for example can lead to major cost savings during production cycle, allows to create complex product shapes and is possible to eliminate unnecessary assembly operations combining multiple components into a single one.

by Martina Fagnani March 3, 2017

Nowadays using technology software such as die casting simulation allows optimizing the whole production cycle. Today’s ever-changing international marketplace is highly demanding and challenging: using the newest tools from supplier side mean giving clients innovative solutions to reach their expectations. The following article will explain how to obtain consistent savings with die casting simulation.

by Martina Fagnani February 27, 2017

In order to apply a cost reduction in casting the designer should have a global view of the entire process. Casting process is composed of different phases that allow zamak becoming finished and packaged product: in this post we will examine the six stages of die casting process and analyze how and when it is possible to reduce costs.

by Stefano Polli January 9, 2017

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