In this post we are going to analyze a case study that explains how to reduce casting defects through mold design. Due to mold wear condition components started to show superficial defects: Bruschi engineers have thus introduced improvements in order to reduce casting defects.

by Arianna Piersigilli March 7, 2019

The term product design defines the process of designing a new product that has to be marketed in a specific business, taking into account not only its aesthetical characteristics but also its functions and its production cycle. Indeed, the product must meet the final user expectations while simultaneously be compliant with the production process. 

by Arianna Piersigilli December 11, 2018

In this post we are going to fully describe the process of mold design  for high pressure die casting.

by Caterina Tosca November 28, 2017

A mold, in die casting terms, is a mechanic tool that allows to replay a product endless times, considered manufacturing limits, among the consolidation process of the same metal molten before. The mold is then the first actor in die casting field: so die casting mold design is a core activity to reach the customer needs. 

by Davide Gioletta November 8, 2016

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