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As winner of numerous international awards, Bruschi Spa is known for its innovative approach in design and technology. We are glad to share our insights and experiences with the industry members.

In this post we are going to describe both tangible and intangible benefits of simulation in die casting design. These advantages are cost reduction and value addition.

by Stefano Polli October 18, 2016

The activity of co-design is our way to support our costumer in the initial phase of project or improving existing products or components. Design products or components means face the complexity. Co-design is a crucial phase of the entire process of product design and Bruschi can help you in the all stages, such as simulation, prototyping, testing, accelerate time to market, process optimization.


by Marcello Cazzaniga October 11, 2016

In this blog post, we'll dive into the most common defects that can appear in high pressure zinc die casting and a possible way to avoid them: gas porosity, shrinkage porosity and leaks.

by Stefano Polli October 7, 2016

Zinc is the ideal material to turn your idea into product. Zinc die casting means innovative shapes and unconventional finishing: zinc turns your ideas into a product. Our process in Bruschi allows high precision and eliminates any additional machining operations, in order to avoid additional costs.

by Marcello Cazzaniga October 5, 2016

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