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Co-design in zinc die casting: improving your idea or product

by Marcello Cazzaniga October 11, 2016

The activity of co-design is our way to support our costumer in the initial phase of project or improving existing products or components. Design products or components means face the complexity. Co-design is a crucial phase of the entire process of product design and Bruschi can help you in the all stages, such as simulation, prototyping, testing, accelerate time to market, process optimization.



Co design zinc die casting Bruschi


Bruschi, in every steps of design life cycle, from the creative process to the mass production, can help you to improve your idea or product and component focalizing its attention on design. This activity support your business in terms of morphological innovation, minimizing risk, mass production and saving.

These are 4 reasons because, collaborating with Bruschi, co-design will increasingly augment conventional design processes.



Morphological innovation: new co-design solution
Our technicians and engineers can support your industrial designers regarding the whole process related to zinc casted parts. Bruschi can suggest improvements starting from the draw to reach a different morphology that allows innovative finishings and leading edge shapes or, in case of product or component already existed, Bruschi can redesign the object following the goals set by the customer. These activities of co-design improve creativity, thanks to collaboration between the companies that allows contaminations and exchange of expertise.

Minimizing risk: how co-design helps to meet the deadline
Working with Bruschi you can minimize risks about timing. Our experience can support you to launch your product to market faster or improving existing components, without any issue concerning zinc casted parts. Bruschi's process design ensure you to meet the deadline thanks to die casting process parameters, machines controls and records, Bruschi Vacuum Technology and the control of downstream processes. In case of issue our department of moulding and tool shop can maintains molds and equipment. The whole Bruschi system guarantees continuous support to production. The entire cycle of production is developed over the concept of co-design: in each phase technicians and engineers can find out the suitable solution to meet the customer's needs.

Mass production: co-design helps the scale production
The activity of co-design helps to develop products or components in each phase of entire life cycle production system, even in mass production. Thanks to our MES we can instantly monitor the whole process and our department of moulding in plant we have the possibility to correct quickly any issues in terms of design. Develop molds directly next to the foundry is in fact a huge competitive advantage: in real time we can arrange a different solution. These plus reflected in mass production, so to avoid issues in scale production.

Saving: experience and technology can save your budget
All the previous reasons can summarizing in terms of saving. Morphological innovation is first step to develop or improve an innovative product or component but, some solution, could be determinant for saving. Minimizing risk allows to meet the deadline, so to avoid extra costs. Mass production helps in terms of scale. 

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Our goal is to meet customer's needs, working with project in order to achieve specific benefits thanks to Bruschi's over 70 years experience in zinc die casting. In fact different perspectives and different experiences focused to cooperate creatively to ensure sustainable process: a multidisciplinary approach, exploring new possibilities, able to increase product value generating innovations. This means co-design in Bruschi.

Bruschi can help you to drawing a new idea to make the world a better place.

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