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The history of vacuum valve in zinc die casting

by Marcello Cazzaniga November 17, 2016

Working in Bruschi means passion and innovation. These two characteristics are the guidelines that every employee of the company has mixed to technical skills, expertise and capacity to face issues and challenges. In this post we are going to see how the invention of the vacuum valve has brought a relevant competitive advantage for Bruschi.



Vacuum valve zinc die casting


The creation of the vacuum valve

In 1983 a metallurgic industry, specialized in aluminium die casting, asked Bruschi for help to create a zinc product for one of its clients. This company addressed Bruschi because the request of the client was complicated, almost impossible for the existing technologies. However Bruschi was famous for facing and winning every technology challenge in zinc die casting sector, so the company decided to study the best solution to reach the aim.

It was a zinc components that needed a particular painting.

Bruschi, once accepted the task, realized that this particular painting cause the defect of air entrapment: a problem that caused an important noncompliance to the quality of the product.

That was an issue.

These air entrapments were caused by the air inside the mold at the moment of the filling, that needed to be eliminated, but in those years was impossible to find a technology able to reach this aim: a radical change was an innovative tool in zinc die casting.

These air entrapments were emphasized after some manufactures that were just a consequence. This painting had underlined a bigger problem, linked to the air entrapment during die casting.

A solution could have solved this noncompliance issue regarding the aesthetic level that could have opened new ways for zinc die casting thanks to a higher level of density given from the elimination of air: that would have increased structural performances, decrease the weight and the gauge.

Bruschi need to solve this issue, a system would be necessary which eliminated the air without causing problems: Bruschi had its challenge. The problem was complex, but the company could not have stopped at the first difficulties.

An intuition of Marco Bruschi, son of the founder of the company Giuseppe, solved the problem: a system was created to eliminate air inside the mold to reach the right density during die casting: a real turning point.

Here, in Bruschi, this system for the first time was created and used: a special vacuum valve and after many tests this solution was taken on.

This technology became part of the Bruschi production, an important competitive advantage able to push the company among the international excellences in the field.

Adopting this solution they reached innovation: this is the main point in Bruschi.

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