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Zinc pressure die casting improves perception of car interior value

by Marcello Cazzaniga May 15, 2017

By using zinc pressure die casting is possible to obtain innovative shapes and unconventional finishing: in fact zinc alloy is the ideal material to produce components or products aligned to customers’s aims, by reaching higher aesthetic values.

zinc pressure die casting

Zinc pressure die casting allows a better mix of strength, toughness, rigidity, bearing, performance and economical castability if compared to other materials. Its properties are better than other materials such as aluminum, magnesium, bronze, plastic and other cast irons in case of high aesthetic value requirement.



Using zinc pressure die casting in car interior parts can be considered an advantage in order to produce products aligned to aesthetical aspects, eliminating extra machining operations and cutting costs.

It is possible to use this technology in both interior and exterior parts, but in this article we will analyze car interior parts. A car is composed of thousands of parts and zinc may also be joined for ornamental purposes in interior details.

Add aesthetic value to products or components in car interior allows to reach important goals to get the attention of end users in terms of perception of the car.

So first of all let's try to define perception in a few words.

Perception is an approximation of reality and it can be influence by several variables. It can shape thanks to different factors but, to be consciously processed, attention is needed. In order to reach the goal of improving product perception, by considering attention as the act or state of focusing to something, the most important thing could be an eye catching design solution.

This solution should be different and innovative, also placed in a common or familiar area as car interior. To develop something like that the solution could be produced in zinc pressure die casting.

The perceptions has dramatic effect in buyer's journey and this is really important also in car. By using this technology in car interior parts could be the competitive advantage to reach buyers attention by working on their perception.

Following short briefs of that.

  • Increase car economic perceived value
  • Improve car segment perception
  • Influence car driving experience


Increase car economic perceived value

Metals and innovative design with high aesthetic value in car interiors can boost perceived value of the whole car. First of all we start focusing on metals. Using metal instead of plastic, considering all the safety implications, can help to improve the sense of touch feeling and help to define the first impact decision in a potential customer. This perceived high quality meet consumer expectations and it is necessary for product differentiation. Once choose metal instead of plastics injection molding technology, the second step is to choose which metal. In the world of metals, to reach innovative design, zinc pressure die casting can makes the difference. In fact, pressure die casting can be used to produce more complex products or components in mass production terms. In fact zinc allows, compared to other alloys such as aluminum, to create smaller draft angles, thinner wall sections and smaller cored holes. Due to its technical characteristics allows the chance of having high quality aesthetic finishing thanks to its smooth surfaces and an higher toughness compared to aluminum and magnesium alloys.


Improve car segment perception

Normally cars segments do not have formal characterization, but it is undoubted that boundaries between segments are blurred by other factors than the size or length of cars. These factors include price, image and the amount of extra accessories. Different kind of features work at the same time to get a perception about a segment to an end user. In order to have the ability to influence perception and get the end user attention zinc pressure die casting could be the solution. As said before zinc pressure die casting allows innovative shape and, thanks to its technical features, it also allows stunning finishing that could be the difference. A detail or a particular in car interior can make a jump in terms of cars segment perception.


Influence car driving experience

Considering that about 30% of the human decision process is based on visual information and that, according to many studies, products or components with high aesthetic grade are perceived to be easier to use than others that had less visual appeal. Following this idea it is important to develop and design car interiors with high values in terms of aesthetic features that help the end user. In fact, end users prefer simply, elegant and, above all, easy solution inside the car. Nowadays digitalization and innovation are really helpful in everyday life and can be really important in a car journey, but electronic devices can be complex to understand. According to researches designing car interiors with high aesthetic value makes simpler complex tools, helping end users to better understand functionalities and features. By using zinc, in terms of zinc pressure die casting, is possible to design car interiors accessories with high values in terms of aesthetic: useful for end users. Engineering capabilities help to design this kind of accessories.


As said zinc pressure die casting allows to add aesthetic values in car interior parts and improve perception. Thanks to its technical features zinc helps to develop different solutions, that could be a competitive advantage in the buyers journey to get the attention of end users.

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