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Zinc die casting finishes: experience makes the difference

by Martina Fagnani April 7, 2017

Zinc die casting finishes are processes applied in order to modify surfaces of manufactured items, products or components with the purpose of reaching client requirements and improve functional and aesthetical quality of a product.



Zinc die casting finishes can be divided into different categories: processing techniques and finishes.

The first type concerns mechanical processes applied in order to change product surface without applying any particular coating, while the second type regards every galvanic or aesthetic treatment requested by clients.

Is important to say that usually zinc die casting finishes requirements are given by clients, but die caster experience can make the difference: a vertical supplier for zinc material is able to suggest the best way to improve processes but also costs, maintaining product performances.

In fact in this article we are going to explain the reason why this is possible.


Zinc die casting finishes: die caster experience makes the difference

As said before, zinc die casting finishes are treatments aimed at improving product or component surface, in order to meet clients’ expectations in functionality and quality term. In fact they can be applied for different reasons such as improving product appearance, modifying electrical conductivity, removing burrs and flaws and for other reasons. They can be considered as a production cycle last phase or a step of it, in order to prepare it for other following treatments.

As said before, zinc die casting finishes requirements are given by clients; however die caster expertise is crucial in this process: they are able to suggest the best way to proceed and to manage the entire die casting process and in particular finishing one, in strict collaboration with clients.

For this reason sometimes should be useful a direct discussion between client and die caster in order to examine, in advance, every parameters of die casting phase to obtain important saving. This collaboration is crucial to obtain a better product aligned to clients expectations: for clients to trust their die caster experience is fundamental to obtain a better outcome. This activity is called co-design.


The die caster contribution

Nowadays technology allows obtaining products with excellent surface finishes. In order to get the best results in terms of quality and managing costs is essential to organize and schedule every process applied: from design phase to delivery.

Clearly, die casting process entails multiple variables to be forecast in advantage to guarantee requested quality and finalizing how the component will be assembled to obtain the final product.

The last opinion is client’s one, but is important that the client collaborates with suppliers in every phase with a co-design activity, as said before, to obtain a simpler and more defined process.

In fact, to get a better outcome in terms of finishing, after the collaboration between client and supplier, is important that their connection should be focused on post casting machining and surface finishing. In addition post casting finishing process should be planned already during design phase, because design features impacts directly on surface finishes. This process leads to obtain a final product aligned to aesthetical and functional requirements applying zinc die casting finishes such as painting or galvanic treatment.


What is co-design?

As previously said co-design is an activity provided by die casting suppliers which takes advantages of collaboration between the two parts: client and supplier.

It should be done inside the company, by an engineering department fully dedicated to analysis during product design phase. In fact the fundamental step of co-design, since the beginning, is simulation analysis with innovative software and pilot tools. One of this particular software is MAGMASOFT.

Through this activity clients can take advantage of die caster experience also in zinc die casting finishes terms, in fact surface treatments cycle need to be optimized by die casters, in strict collaboration with clients, or die caster suggest which is the best finishing process to apply.

This process has to be done with the purpose of avoiding secondary and unnecessary operations, to obtain saving but reaching clients’ expectations.

For this reason is important this collaboration: the finishing method and the way it is applied can make the real difference in quality terms and production costs.


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