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The importance of automation: optimize the production time

by Martina Fagnani November 25, 2016

The term automation defines the introduction in a manufacturing company of technical tools and processes aimed at reducing or even eliminating human operations. The incorporation of automatic equipment produces several advantages, such as time saving, costs reduction and better quality outputs, thus achieving customers' satisfaction.

The importance of automation

The most relevant benefit of automation is the reduction of workload for the operators, but it proves also beneficial in terms of energy and materials savings.  Automation can therefore lead to production process improvement, enhancing accuracy, precision, productivity, robustness, consistency of outputs and quality.

Automation can be implemented through different tools, such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices and computers, usually used together.


Automation in Bruschi

Bruschi has introduced automatic systems in its foundry to improve production time during the production process. Several operations that are carried out by workmen can be replaced with automation.

Since its establishment Bruschi has always been innovative in terms of automation, but in 2011 this concept has been widen with important investments.

Indeed, in 2011 automation was implemented with new robots ABB with IRC5 control: controls that are the productive unit of governance of the robot. In this way it is possible to use remote assistance to have access to all the functions of the robot to control and maintain it.


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Bruschi previously had an outdated system that needed to be improved and innovated. Consequently, Bruschi decided to create a new installation: the management purchased a cooling tower and created around it a complex system: a project was outlined, pumps and water tanks were built and the cooling tower was finally activated in order to save time and energy. Once the operator decides to create a program, he will need a PLC that is possible to set up with incomes and outcomes depending on the aims. This program has a lot of advantages, but the most important is to email the responsible during breakdown. In this way the operator can solve the problem promptly.

Simulation in Bruschi is really important because with this tool it is possibile to examine the mold before the production process starts and to simulate what the organization of the production will be.

This software is made by ABB company and with it it is possible to do the pre-installation operations: try it in preview, decide if something has to be modified, reduce installation and set up time using offline technology, it is possible to do it in the office instead of directly in the field.

Between 2016 and 2017 Bruschi has purchased three new robots. The idea is to use a new control system with better performances than the one already used in Bruschi.

Everything is possible thanks to qualified people and a large amount of investment that Bruschi does in terms of automation and robotics.


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