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The evolution of customer service as production center

by Marcello Cazzaniga December 14, 2016

In Bruschi an important evolution of the customer service has given many concrete advantages for the company and its clients: in terms of cost saving, risks minimizing and a better logistic management.



customer service


This process has been developed linked to lean manufacturing philosophy and has foreseen a theoretical training and a job-in-the-field for managers involved in this process: a radical change as evolution of customer service.

Bruschi model of management is customer-centric: the vertical orders management has become an integrated supply chain system, where every department is linked to reach the clients’ expectations.

As said before there are three principal reasons:

- Time saving

- Risks minimizing

- Other services


Time Saving

Bruschi has developed a tailor made software to handle the order. It is a system that automates the processes and availabilities of machines and operators of the entire productive plant, to guarantee the lead time and the deadlines asked by the client, leading to entire production process improvement. This software is linked to tracking systems related to Industry 4.0, that guarantee a process able to handle real time information and show to the operator the situation.

This system overseen by the customer service, allows to increase the integration of production and logistic: a service that allows a client oriented activity.

In fact this software allows to handle work flows but also the control of material storage and the logistic tracking, both outside and inside.

The software handles information and data, the real difference is the proximity of the production and maintenance departments with the customer service: a proximity that allows the management inside the plant, in 3 work shifts, to handle issues real time.


Risks minimizing

This proximity among departments allows time saving but also to minimize risks related to production. Product tracking systems, inside or outside the company, plus department proximity, collaborate to obtain a result tends to zero errors in product management. This system allows to report info and data directly to customers, monitoring the whole process: in particular in suppliers management.

In order to manage suppliers another software is integrated with the others. This software allows the management of the production and machining outside Bruschi, checking quality of products that returns in Bruschi. A work flow that allows a better management of the quality in a cost and time saving way.


A better logistic management

This data digitalization and the proximity of departments allow Bruschi to have a better logistic management: with tailor made services for the clients.

To facilitate the management of the commissions and the access to storage, the company for its clients manages also the personalizedtags and ASN personalized for EDI transmission.

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