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How fast approaches to issues generate innovation

by Marcello Cazzaniga December 13, 2016

We are in the middle of a business innovation that sees a revolution in how companies create values in particular in their approach to innovation. A real revolution is given by combining technology and industrial assets. 


How fastest approaches to issues generate innovation


The core of an innovating company are people that are part of it that collaborate in a focused way to produce and develop new products linking together different components from different ecosystems.

The collaboration among employees is then essential, it creates new chances that do not depends only on the sector of the company and on the customer relationship but also on knowledge among sectors that collaborate enriching their knowledge.

For this reason it is important to switch from the standard model based on sole control to another one where collaboration among partners is at the inner part of the company.

There are many advantages using mash up in company: is possible to build new capabilities and create unique business values mixing together different companies of different areas and keep them together as an insight from everyone.

Like standard companies, also for mash up companies is important to establish clear and shared project goals and to monitor closely the collaboration among employees. This change of attitude is necessary in a world that is digitalizing, a different world that has to use digitalization as a key point of its organization.

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Creating values for clients it is the main point

To reach this goal all the challenges have been organized into small issues dealt with everyday by special work groups, in a very short time, to give a feedback as soon as possible.

In this way every part of the company is involved in the process: an attitude that guarantees the right approach to issues and innovation.

This systematic approach allows to grow as individuals and as a company in a continuing exchange among the departments.

This process widens competences developing new ideas and creativity at work: all these aspects are translated into a company culture focused on the will of contributing into an open system where ideas are created tested by groups and company before being spread.

Thanks to this method, change is constant and is linked to innovation in every part of the company: an attitude connected to reach clients' requests and anticipate its needs.

A continuous journey is not a destination

This approach has been developed in the past few years, trying to simplify problems to accelerate processes and create values for the clients.

Bruschi clients have appreciated this change: the constant collaboration and the positive feedback have been a confirmation that this has been the right approach.

This new attitude has opened a new way for the future, cost and time saving. The secret of this method is to keep constant the attention on accelerating the processes and minimizing the risks at the same time.

In the future, mash up will continue to evolve because they are the perfect balance between modern innovation and the company: the change is a continuous journey, not a destination.


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