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How enthusiasm and trust create innovation

by Marcello Cazzaniga November 18, 2016

Excellent workplaces are organizations where the collaborators are enthusiastic about what they do and trust people around them. It is not just about skills, knowledge or expertise: but it is about the way to approach issues.


Innovation in die casting


Innovation can be achieved through enthusiasm and trust

In Bruschi employees are always open to dialogue, exchange ideas and spend more time in the company than the required focused on their work because they are satisfied and proud of what they do everyday. This means enthusiasm for work.

Enthusiasm is a key features to ensure a good work: all the tasks become easier and every challenge will be approached with more energy.

The issue is that just enthusiasm is not enough to create innovation: to be innovative trust is the second asset required.

Some experts agree that trust is one of the most important element for a harmonious workplace, in fact companies where the management trusts its employees are more successful than those who don’t.  In a successful company is important to establish and maintain integrity, to communicate vision and values to consider all employees as equal partners, to focus on shared, rather than personal goals and to do what's right, regardless of personal risk.

Trust and enthusiasm are the essence to grow as a team and to continue innovating in a changing market. They are important ingredients for all: from leaders to employees, from company to customers.

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Enthusiasm and trust can create innovation, which means new possibilities for customers. Innovation is often viewed also as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and society. The term innovation can be defined as something original and more effective and new, that improve the market or society.

Bruschi has a costumer centered approach: new ideas and new technologies developed in order to reach the needs of the client, listening the customer’s will and concerns. Put the future in each products or components is the Bruschi’s way to innovate.

In fact in Bruschi innovation means the customers trust because they will be satisfied. It’s important to decentralize research and innovation into smaller units and to develop methods to facilitate buying in ideas developed outside the company.

Summarizing in Bruschi innovation become the customers trust, because they will have components or products as they expected or improved using the latest technology. If they are satisfied means that Bruschi has done a good work.

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