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Growing change: how to transform a problem in a solution

by Marcello Cazzaniga November 30, 2016

The history of Bruschi is linked to the concept of growing change. This concept, in general, assumes the capability to adapt to new conditions in accordance with the environment, interacting with different factors that are part of the system: in a continuous improvement imposed by the ability to win and face all the issues found on the way.


Growing Change


These interactive reactions with issues, given from the environment or from needs, lead to a progressive modification of the structure, that during or after the change become a knowledge.

In terms of production this concept is translated into the choice of collaborating with different industrial sectors to create expertise and a multidisciplinary competence focused on technology innovation. Different competences, given from years of collaborations, are the key factor that allows growing change of the company.

This growing change is deduced from work flexibility, from preparation, from competences, from availability and from the courage to take new challenges.

During its history the company has always taken external or internal input as a chance to grow, as a constant opportunity of multidisciplinary development.


External input

External input, that normally are incentives obtained directly from clients or prospects, are developed from technical requests or design that come from professionals that entrust Bruschi to find a better solution for their needs.

These incentives are the first step for the process of competences creation because, when Bruschi takes the challenge, at the same moment study methods of issues and opportunities are applied. Those methods allow to find the perfect solution for the client or the prospect. 

This solution found turns into know how of the company, with the company that is focused on growing change.

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Internal input

Internal input are given from daily work experience in the industrial process, where factors of improvement can be issues, optimization and saving of resources, in term of time or product. Those incentives are the key point to start the development of new competences.

Growing change in Bruschi

Internal or external input that widen the individual competences, that during a second step Bruschi are bequeathed to the client.

This method can be seen in every activities. From study activities of the materials, to planning and production.

An approach that creates innovation in Bruschi and for its die casting sector that maintains the company at a high performances level.

This is what it is possible define as the philosophy of growing change

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