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Bruschi, after the partial resumption of April 6th of the activities related to strategic supply chains, from Monday 4th of May resumes its activities in Italy at full capacity.

by Vera Agostini May 4, 2020

Given the measures that all countries are gradually implementing and the rapid global spread of COVID-19, Bruschi stops production activities in its Italian plants and in its plant in the United States. The closure of the plants is aimed at aligning the company with the measures adopted in the countries where Bruschi is present, in order to facilitate the solving of the emergency and to guarantee all its employees the greatest possible safety.

by Vera Agostini March 24, 2020

Below an interview with Eng. Paolo Rastelli, CEO of Bruschi, about recruiting and talent attraction initiatives of the company.

by Vera Agostini March 10, 2020

On Monday 20th of January the financial transaction of the acquisition of HUF North America Die Cast by Bruschi has been concluded.

by Vera Agostini January 30, 2020

On December 9th 2019 Bruschi in agreement with HUF finalized the acquisition of HUF production unit in Milwaukee.

by Vera Agostini December 10, 2019

On Monday 2nd December 2019 Paolo Rastelli and Simone Maggiori, CEO and Head of Sales of Bruschi S.p.A., have been invited by Professor Alessandro Bruni of Pisa University to speak about sales strategy and digital marketing to the students of the Master Degree in Management Engineering.

by Vera Agostini December 6, 2019

We proudly announce that Open Factory initiative in Bruschi ended yesterday with a great audience success.

by Vera Agostini November 25, 2019

On the 24th November 2019 Bruschi is taking part in Open Factory initiative and it is opening its gates to the public.

by Vera Agostini November 4, 2019

Last week Bruschi has been awarded as 2019 Excellent Company at the XI edition of Global Strategy Osservatorio PMI, an observatory of Italian SMEs. This is the second time that Bruschi gets this award, thus confirming its position on the market and its growth over the last few years.

by Vera Agostini October 2, 2019

Save the date: on the 24th of November 2019 Bruschi is going to open its gates to the public.

by Vera Agostini August 27, 2019