In 2023, Bruschi successfully completed an important innovation challenge in the development of zinc die-cast products, requested by a German company in the automotive sector, the mass production of a component of very small dimensions that respected the stringent weight constraint imposed by the customer.

by Yassir Rhila March 28, 2024

Industrial zinc life cycle is based on the principles of circular economy and it contributes in different ways to the protection of our Earth. In this post we are going to describe how zinc, thanks to its countless properties, positively impacts on our planet.

by Arianna Piersigilli May 9, 2019

White goods manufacturers are facing new challenges due to customers’ growing awareness on sustainability and recycling: taking into account these needs and defining the right practices can lead to sales improvement.

by Arianna Piersigilli December 18, 2018

Zinc proves to be a reliable ally for a circular economy model, since not only does it maximize the lifespan of the product without altering their recyclability, but it’s in itself an highly recyclable material. This is highly compatible with circular economy goals, which aims to reduce new resource exploitation through use of recycling.

by Caterina Tosca September 12, 2017
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Zinc is a chemical element that is the 27th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Naturally occurs in air, water, soil and biosphere, in fact it is contained in many rocks and minerals, in plants and animals. Zinc is essential to all lives.

by Martina Fagnani February 8, 2017


Bruschi, expert in zinc die casting field and supplier for many important automotive manufacturers, suggests to use zinc instead of other materials to obtain a better product: from its aesthetic side to its functional one.

by Martina Fagnani January 30, 2017

Bruschi wins the prestigious NADCA award during the 2016 International Die Casting Competition. This award represents another important recognition of Bruschi’s innovative approach and strive for excellence. Another win for Bruschi after the prestigious European Zinc Die Casting award.

by Marcello Cazzaniga October 17, 2016