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Bruschi wins NADCA International Die Casting Competition

by Marcello Cazzaniga October 17, 2016

Bruschi wins the prestigious NADCA award during the 2016 International Die Casting Competition. This award represents another important recognition of Bruschi’s innovative approach and strive for excellence. Another win for Bruschi after the prestigious European Zinc Die Casting award.


Bruschi spa wins NADCA award


Another important award for Bruschi

Columbus, USA (27th September 2016) - Bruschi wins an important award from the North American Die Casting Association at the 2016 International Die Casting Competition Award for Excellence in Zinc Die Casting Over 6 oz.




This award is the result of an important collaboration with ARCA, thanks to a project developed with CTS Cashpro, which has been acquired by ARCA Worldwide, for its RS22 reader and all the CM18 line: the most advanced TCR available today.

ARCA decided to reduce production costs by minimizing the number of components in its products and asked Bruschi for a solution. Bruschi suggested a co-design service in order to develop a special component which could replace three different parts. Bruschi used zinc instead of stainless steel to develop this special component, saving on assembly, on raw material and reducing processing costs. For ARCA this meant a saving up to 40%.

ARCA Global Technology Lead Link Allen Shaver said: "This achievement award is a significant industry recognition of innovative thinking that resulted in a better product and value to our customers, as well as an example of working closely with innovative supply chain partners to finds better ways to manufacture ARCA products."

Bruschi Vice President & Head of Sales Simone Maggiori noted: "The project was awarded thanks to the innovative process and the extraordinary mould: but this could not have happened without the collaboration of ARCA and its technicians. We are grateful for their cooperation . We worked together focusing our attention in the first step of the project, a co-design activity which allowed us to develop extraordinary components. This cooperation lead to a major confidance that If we can work together with customers from the beginning of the project we can accomplish extraordinary tasks. ARCA took  this opportunity and now they have a great result in terms of technology and saving."

Bruschi Technical Manager Ermo Fusè said: "These components are a great success for us. Me and my team worked very carefully over the customer needs, from technical design to mass production. We have developed moulds that allowed several advantages in terms of saving, obtaining critical shapes directly by die-casting. The change of material, from several parts in stainless steel to two parts in zamak , allowed us to meet the required precision while considerable cost reduction has been achieved.”

About Bruschi:
For over 70 years Bruschi has been working in industrial production in the field of zinc die casting. Over time Bruschi has distinguished itself for efficiency, accuracy, ability to listen its customers’ needs and its innovative drive in the design and technology. For further info Click Here

About ARCA:
Since 1998, ARCA has been committed to helping people control and streamline cash operations in bank branches, retail stores and self-service kiosks. By focusing on technology and services, ARCA delivers thoughtful solutions to make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Today, ARCA provides the largest selection of cash handling devices of any manufacturer in the world.To learn more about ARCA's innovative culture and commitment please Click Here


General Information about the NADCA International Die Casting Competition Award 2016:
The main purpose of NADCA International Die Casting Competition Award is to promote an increasing  use of die castings by recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs. Entries are judged in several categories of: Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium die casting. One winning casting is awarded per category. For further info Click Here


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