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How Zinc can be used in die casting for automotive parts

by Martina Fagnani January 30, 2017


Bruschi, expert in zinc die casting field and supplier for many important automotive manufacturers, suggests to use zinc instead of other materials to obtain a better product: from its aesthetic side to its functional one.

Die Casting Automotive Parts


Global Automotive Parts Die Casting market is in constant development, and it will be for the next few years. It is segmented on the type of production process, raw material type, application type and geography.

According to a research developed by Marketers Media, the Global Automotive Parts Die Casting market is expecting to grow from $7.0 billion of 2014 to $12.8 billion in 2022, grow in Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.8% during the period from 2014 to 2022.

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Why use zinc for die casting?

Speaking in general is important to use zinc instead of other materials because it offers many advantages such as resistance, versatility, and is low priced. Choosing it means to use a material that is respectful for the environment, in fact zinc die casting produces a low level of emissions in air or water.

Moreover production waste are recyclable and its energy consumption is really low.

Zinc alloys have the perfect mix of strength, toughness, rigidity and economical castability compared to other materials such as aluminum, magnesium, bronze and plastics.

For example compared to other alloys such as aluminum, using zinc the designer is allowed to create smaller draft angles, thinner wall sections and smaller cored holes. Using zinc there is a saving also in terms of tools because they have a much longer life and in terms of casting costs.

Zinc is the perfect choice to save time and money due to its strength and duration and to avoid defects.

One of the most important advantage of zinc is that it allows the designer to have a better outcome of the product, always with a saving of costs and time. It also enables closer tolerances than any other alloy.

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Why use zinc for die cast automotive parts?

An important reason to choose zinc is the chance of having high quality aesthetic finishing thanks to its smooth surfaces, always maintaining the functional level in a cost saving way.

In particular for what it concerns automotive parts, zinc can be the right choice because its alloys present a higher toughness compared to aluminum and magnesium alloys and are similar to brass characteristics but cheaper.

In automotive field the core should be the creation of a product with high aesthetic characteristic, always functional and these requirements are possible to be reached thanks to die casting in a cost and time saving way.

Automotive manufacturing applications for zinc include:

  • - Engine and other under-the-hood components
  • - Power steering systems
  • - Brake parts and systems
  • - Air-conditioning components and systems
  • - Chassis hardware
  • - Climate control components
  • - Fuel systems

The number of parts for automotive manufacturing field made of zinc alloys is constantly increasing.

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