Advanced Precision Automation: Bruschi and the Advantage for the Automotive Industry

by Yassir Rhila March 28, 2024

The Evolution of Die Casting: the competitive advantage for automotive companies

In 2023, Bruschi successfully completed an important innovation challenge in the development of zinc die-cast products, requested by a German company in the automotive sector, the mass production of a component of very small dimensions that respected the stringent weight constraint imposed by the customer.

The component in question is linked to the safety of the vehicle's driver and passengers. Due to its very nature, it requires a maximum tolerance of a few thousandths compared to the required weight of 6 grams. Such a tight tolerance level is challenging to be respected 100% in producing die-cast parts.

Bruschi's R&D team and technical office took the lead in developing a pioneering project in the sector. Leveraging software development and cutting-edge technologies, they overcame the common limitations of die-casting production and met the customer's demand.

Therefore, the mass production of zinc pieces smaller than a €1 coin was guaranteed, respecting the tolerance specifications provided by the customer.

Bruschi designed and implemented a fully automated production process to ensure precision and quality. This process involves the use of robots equipped with precision grippers capable of extracting the die-cast components from the molds. A camera placed on the machine allows the robot to independently verify the presence of all the pieces inside the mold, dismantle them, and place them on a precision scale for quality assurance.

Any pieces that do not meet weight standards activate a reject system.

This is an example of how technological progress and engineering skills make it possible to satisfy the market's needs, overcoming production limits that only a constantly evolving company can overcome.