"1 hour of... with..." is born, the new webinar cycle by Bruschi: the first guest was Roger Abravanel

by Stefano Airoldi July 2, 2021

"1 hour of ... with ..." is born, the new webinar cycle by Bruschi: the first guest was Roger Abravanel

On Tuesday 15 June 2021, the first speech organized by Bruschi was held as part of the new initiative "1 hour of... with...", a cycle of webinars open to all employees in which are involved authoritative speakers, in turn, able to provide ideas and insight on the current socio-economic situation and on the issues of “doing business” today, with valuable contributions born from one's own experience and able to favor the collective and individual reflection of the webinar participants.

The first guest was Eng. Roger Abravanel, director, and head in various countries of the international management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, president of the Italian Insead Council, as well as the author of numerous essays, the last of which, was published in January 2021 and entitled "Aristocrazia 2.0. Una nuova élite per salvare l'Italia”.


"1 hour of… with…": Roger Abravanel

The first "1 hour of... with..." had as a guest, as mentioned, Eng. Roger Abravanel, with a speech based on his latest studies, culminating in the publication of the essay "Aristocrazia 2.0" and referring to the following topics:
• The importance of skills in a "knowledge economy" and the mission to bring "intellectual capital" back to the center of "doing business", as the only factor capable of bringing innovation and new knowledge and guaranteeing competitiveness to Italian companies in the global market.
• The distance that separates universities from the world of work in the Italian panorama, in a context in which unemployment is not only the fundamental problem of our economy but the increasingly significant absence of highly specialized training capable of bringing into the companies new graduates prepared and ready to immediately become protagonists of the ongoing business challenges.
• The importance of the Mindset of the growth of the company size intended as a magnet for resources and talents with a view to sustainable development and the possibility of accessing capital and undertaking innovation paths.


SMEs and the Economy of Knowledge: the advice of Eng. Roger Abravanel

At the end of the speech, some questions were asked to Eng. Roger Abravanel, with the aim of deepening some particularly interesting topics and relating them to the concrete reality of Bruschi.
In particular, Eng. Roger Abravanel has suggested some useful advice to an SME to withstand the challenges that the economy of knowledge brings with it:

  • First of all, listening to the customer, understood as attention to his needs and urges, in order to better satisfy what he is looking for from a supplier.
  • Therefore, process and product digitalization, as a fundamental vector capable of making an SME competitive on the market in the post-pandemic framework and making it more efficient.
  • Finally, the awareness of decision-makers within the company towards change and innovation and receptivity towards new inputs from outside.

    Lastly, Eng. Roger Abravanel wanted to underline the criticalities existing in the relationship between the world of school and the world of work, due to the fact that school education has remained very theoretical and impractical in Italy, making it difficult for an SME to find young graduates who are immediately ready for business challenges in progress. Soft skills and managerial vision are certainly the most requested skills on the market today and Italian universities are often lacking in teaching this.


In conclusion

The first webinar with Eng. Roger Abravanel was very satisfying and allowed all Bruschi employees to collect food for thought on corporate culture issues that concern everyone closely and help them grow as professionals, nurturing a feeling of belonging towards the shared vision and values in Bruschi.


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