Training in Bruschi: managerial skills development

by Vera Agostini July 13, 2020

Capacità Manageriali in Bruschi

Bruschi has always dedicated great attention to training activities by reserving its employees refresher courses for the development of skills and competences. Also in this first part of 2020, the company has continued its mission with a training course aimed at developing  managerial skills among employees.

This course is a part of a journey started in previous years with projects aimed at vocational training: it consists in an Innovation Plan composed by several courses related to topics connected to foundry and production, the development of language skills and therefore managerial skills.

For an overview of past initiatives, we suggest reading the articles Continuing vocational training: Bruschi’s new course Innovation Plan and Continual Improvement: employees training and other courses in Bruschi.

2020 saw the continuation of an initiative linked to training and, in particular, to the development of managerial skills among employees. The course, which started in 2019, sees as trainer Ph.D. Luca Varvelli, management consultant and university professor.

The training of Mr. Varvelli in managerial fields, consisting of workshops, tests and debates, has the aim of stimulating reflection and guiding in the achievement of three important goals: collaboration, propensity for change and orientation towards the result.

The results of this work materialized already in 2019 with the definition of the "Bruschi cube", an object born from the collaboration of Bruschi employees and which contains six keywords, expanded concepts and explanation sentences, to be kept in mind in order to achieve the three targets.


The six keywords of the “Bruschi cube” are:

  • Confidence
  • Method
  • Flexibility
  • Availability and involvement
  • Goals and organization
  • Proactivity and reactivity

In 2020, the course for the development of the managerial skills of Bruschi employees did not stop, on the contrary the company wanted to deepen the training and, after the first lessons conducted in the Bruschi plants, the lessons have been conducted in the new form of webinar. This form of teaching, not foreseen, is now proving extremely effective thanks to the collaboration of all.

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