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Bruschi’s experience at CAE CONFERENCE 2016

by Marcello Cazzaniga October 25, 2016

On October the 18th Bruschi's technicians were in Parma for CAE CONFERENCE 2016, the ideal event and venue to discuss the increasing relevance of "Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences" as a part of the synergistic environment in engineering simulation.


bruschi at CAE CONFERENCE 2016.png


Bruschi at CAE CONFERENCE 2016

Bruschi Technical Specialist Stefano Polli said: “The success of the CAE conference is the proof of how numerical simulation and, in particular, CFD simulation are becoming essential instruments also in die casting”.

In this occasion Bruschi has had the possibility, thanks to Engine Soft, to lead a workshop related to benefits of die casting simulation. The presentation has been focused on the use of MagmaSoft in hot chamber zinc die casting in terms of problem solving and optimization.

The presentation has 3 different case history about benefits of die casting simulation, both for engineering and production phases. In details the presentation is focused on reduce porosity, in terms of shrinkage porosity; tool erosion, about cavitation and blisters and flow marks, as turbolent flow.

The solution on these issues pass for runner dimension and gate dimension.

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