Bruschi obtains an important sustainability certification from Schneider Electric

by Stefano Airoldi November 15, 2021


On 10 November 2021, Bruschi obtained an important recognition from Schneider Electric in terms of sustainability. This recognition was conferred after a Vigilance Audit carried out in Bruschi, which touched the aspects of the company's economic development, ethics, work, and obviously the environmental and safety ones.

The customer Schneider Electric has voluntarily adhered to the standard provided by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which aims to promote the improvement of social, environmental, and ethical conditions in global supply chains, consequently also asking Bruschi and all its suppliers to adapt. This audit by Schneider Electric will bring mutual benefits, both for Schneider itself and for Bruschi, such as a better assessment and identification of risks within companies.


The audit process

The audit process began with the first phase of documentation, followed by a plant tour, interviews with staff, and a final analysis of the documentation delivered.

The areas involved during the audit process were mainly occupational/environmental safety and human resources.

The macro topics covered by this certification were the following:

  1. Work: the documents concerning rights, contracts, and training processes were analyzed.
  2. Health and safety: an examination of the documents on the risk assessment, how personal protective equipment are made available to workers, the training on the subject, and how the entire plant is managed, also including the verification of the presence of fire extinguishers and emergency exits within the company.
  3. Environment: the energy diagnosis, how waste is treated externally and stored before being disposed of, and the management of emissions and chemical waste were analyzed.
  4. Ethics: Bruschi is currently working on an ethical code faithful to what is established in its sustainability policy.
  5. Management system: Bruschi currently has a management system based on the definition of objectives, risk analysis, a training plan, and related communication.


Suggestions for improvement

Thanks to this certification, Bruschi also had ideas for improvement to start working on: an example is creating a Single Point Lesson (SPL) translated into English and French to help and involve workers. Another point to consider with a view to improvement is the installation of a defibrillator. Finally, another theme is Visual Management, for the rapid identification of the first aid team members, the emergency contacts, and the firefighters. Finally, Bruschi is committed to optimizing the 5s method in production, which defines the steps concerning cleaning and order to have continuous improvement and thus eliminate waste.

In short, Bruschi's goal in the future is further to increase its practices and awareness in terms of sustainability, increasingly integrating the principles of CSR into its business model.

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