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New web domain: becomes

by Caterina Tosca April 17, 2018

After some recent internal changes, such as the decision to expand oversea, Bruschi managers decided to internationalize the official company website: starting Wednesday 11th April, becomes




The old web domain has been abandoned to improve company webpages’ indexing outside of Italy: considering that over 80% of Bruschi production is delivered to international customers it is important for the company to be easy to find from every country. This choice will help the company with starting its American subsidiary, Bruschi USA, by giving potential customers a portal to learn about Bruschi values and production system.

However, Bruschi is mainly an Italian company and this is why has been entirely translated: the Italian version of the website is available at On the website are published both translated versions of latest blog posts and some main Company News, to keep up to date with the company development and events.


Why Bruschitech?

When it comes to choosing a new web domain, independently from its topic, it is very likely to slip into a common problem: the name may be already taken, especially in case of simple and short ones.

To overcome this issue, an internal survey was organized to choose a new domain’s name: every employee should suggest up to 3 domain’s names, knowing ahead the unavailable options. Among the received proposals, obtained the most votes.

Employees' participation in choosing new domain’s name made the change of domain a shared decision, increasing involvement and affiliation between the employees, in addition to offering a break from everyday work and a chance for a good laugh thanks to some witty and bizarre suggestions.

Moreover, it felt fair that employees could express their preference on the topic, since Bruschi mail format will change with the web domain.

From now on, company email addresses new format will be:

Every new mail will be sent from these addresses, but all the mails sent to are still going to be correctly delivered, in order to make the transition easier for customers. This means that Bruschi clients and suppliers should not experience any interruption in communication with Bruschi.


Bruschi CEO, Paolo Rastelli, declared: “Our new web domain merges the know-how of our Marketing team with Bruschi drive towards new technologies in a concise and effective manner, without over-shading the industrial nature of our company. The fact that it was chosen by the majority of our employees adds an even greater identity value to the name, allowing us to improve our international indexing without diminishing our company identity.”


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