A Bruschi project will be presented at the Minitab Insights 2022 Global Conference

by Stefano Airoldi September 29, 2021

A Bruschi project will be presented at the Minitab Insights 2022 Global Conference

Bruschi’s relentless research will allow the company to be a protagonist at the Minitab Insights 2022 Global Conference, which will be held on April 4 to 6 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The conference will present a statistical process analysis project, developed with Minitab software, formed from the collaboration between Bruschi and HH & Partners with the patronage of the University of Bologna and the University of Naples Federico II.

A project born following the attendance by Roberto Rodolfo Gaggianesi, Senior Process Engineer of Bruschi, of a Six Sigma Black Belt master and which consists of a statistical process analysis elaborated on an automotive component of an important Tier 1 customer of Bruschi performed through the Minitab statistical software.

Roberto, in his advanced training, was able to develop the project thanks to a consultant of the master, university professor of Bologna and leading expert in statistics, as well as a partner of the company HH & Partners managed together with an expert in fluid dynamics of superalloys, formerly researcher at Rolls Royce, now Big Data Scientist at a US multinational.

The project is focused on finding a correlation between a set of input parameters, such as speed, pressures, and characteristics of the injection profile, with a set of output parameters, such as weight, burrs, and surface quality.

In detail, the development of the project made it possible to:

  • Optimize input parameters according to customer requests, moving from a ‘try and learn’ approach to a more structured approach;
  • Lay the foundations for the transition from a feedback logic to a real-time feed-forward logic.

This research has therefore allowed Bruschi to increase its performance in terms of operations and forge an important collaborative relationship with two of the most prestigious Italian universities that will lead to further future developments in terms of innovation.

The whole Bruschi team is looking forward to April 4, 2022, to understand how the project will be judged by the expert audience of the Minitab Insights 2022 Global Conference.