Industry 4.0: an interview with Paolo Rastelli

by Marcello Cazzaniga December 22, 2016


This article reports an interview with Paolo Rastelli, Bruschi CEO, that explains is point of view and its experience about Industry 4.0 and Stain.


industry 4.0


The point of view of Paolo Rastelli, Bruschi CEO and president

In digitalization years no company can really say to be competitive if it is not able to be innovating. It is not only being technology advanced but also to anticipate developments to anticipate clients’ requests.

For this reason Bruschi can be defined as ground breaking in Industry 4.0. The company has anticipated many themes, constantly searching for innovation among advance software.

Stain is an important example of all this concept: it’s an important tool that is part of a wide innovation system that is used daily by the company.

A constant evolution that aims to excellence.


1) What is for you Industry 4.0?

It could be a really great opportunity for industry. It is a challenge for every employee that can give advantages in terms of performances and waste. Digitalization allows quicker decisions given by a deeper analysis of data and a better awareness of every production sector. It is a new industrial revolution and it is only the beginning of it.

2) Why did you choose to become an Industry 4.0 company?

In reality the company did not choose to be part of Industry 4.0 but, technology tools already in plant and a constant work on innovation in terms of software, have put Bruschi in Industry 4.0 companies: in fact for 10 years the company has had a deep digitalization software that handled the production and foundry. Now with Stain software we are able to link other sectors of the company: to manage data and analysis of all our plants. This is a second approach to Industry 4.0, that extends company potential and its results already reached by the company in the past 10 years. A natural passage for us.

3) Your company was ready for this passage?

Bruschi path in Industry 4.0 started when there wasn’t a definition for this industrial revolution. For this reason Bruschi can be seen as a ground breaking in Industry 4.0. It’s a continual process, that is strictly related to technology innovation: for this reason in 2017 Stain will be operative.

4) How the idea of bringing Stain in the company was borned?

In the company a system linked to production demands was needed: a software developed for small companies like Bruschi. Our sector is full of variables and chances that a software like Stain allows to manage. The passage between the two systems, the one in use until month ago and the new one Stain, has been completed and since few weeks the company is able to handle better its production.

5) Has been a though experience to take Stain to the company?

In Bruschi an important digitalization was already in act, so it’s not a radical change. The most difficult moment has been handling the change with both systems working, that has been handled at the best by every manager and employee involved.

6) How did employees reacted?

Really good. Every change is appreciated in the company. There had been tough moment but the job was done in the best way possible, reaching the aims. Now the company is linked entirely to the systems and many projects have already started.

7) Do you see other steps in terms of digitalization in the future?

Of course. It is an innovation process that is continue: a constant change of competences with other industrial sectors that is going to continue in our future. There will be innovation trends with systems allowed to increase their performances but it is difficult to bet on which sector will evolve more. There will be digital innovation and Bruschi will try to be ground breaking to give solutions to its customers, in fact there are other projects that are being studied in these days.

8) Which are the keywords to define Bruschi experience?

Innovation, digital and interesting.