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Continual improving: suppliers and internal resources

by Marcello Cazzaniga January 16, 2017

An innovative company is characterized by optimized tools and use of advanced process developed with its suppliers and its internal resources. To keep a company always competitive on the market and to offer always better solutions to its clients Bruschi developed an internal structure of Continual Improving. This structure is handled by a dedicated team, which has the aim of studying and increasing the efficiency of industrial processes.



Continual improving


People with different backgrounds, from engineering to automation, compose this team. It deals with the organization of production to increase performances in terms of time, materials and resources. All these aspects are savings for clients: to shorten time, to have a better outcome, less waste of materials and resources.

This team does not have only technical competences but establishes also a special collaboration with important suppliers for the company.  Suppliers are decisive to stay competitive and to anticipate clients’ requests.

Hereunder a case study that shows the importance of having FRECH and ABB as suppliers.


Continual improving in zinc die casting in automotive field

Bruschi technicians, for an important automotive client, produced special components  with very high quality and thanks to FRECH die-casting machine and ABB robots have decreased by 40% the manufacturing cycle time.

This automated system allows to guarantee the high quality level of the supplies, in line with the automotive ppm target.

This important improvement has been possible thanks to the proper mix of knowledge by Bruschi technicians and to the high technology level of proposals and cooperation from suppliers.

In particular FRECH , a company that produces tools and machines for die casting, has been a concrete part of this process: Bruschi technicians have used a retrofitted pre-filling function, of a FRECH DAW 80F, to improve the structure of the castings reaching almost zero scrap rate. An innovation that the company shaped to its needs.

For what it concern ABB robots automation they had a leading role. This system, enhanced by Bruschi technicians, allowed a huge saving in terms of time, saving of resources implied in processes, saving in terms of moving products and spruing. This was possible thanks to RobotStudio - ABB Robotics, a software that allows to simulate and program robots on PC without interrupting production. It’s a system that allows to program and optimize a process without interfering with production, increasing in this way productivity.

A challenge that is renewed every day

Continual improving process is always on: Bruschi team is already working on automatic assembly designed by its engineering team for a leading client in house appliances field. It is a tough process that starts with die casting and is also related to assembly and production.

In these days Bruschi team is working to optimize the entire production cycle.

We will keep you updated!