Ecovadis Assessment: Bruschi is one of the best

by Giovanna Sacchi Nemours November 30, 2022


In October 2022, Ecovadis released its Assessment: a service that allows you to assess your company’s sustainability impact based on concrete data defined by the platform. 

Bruschi scored over 47/100 and, for this achievement, was awarded an Ecovadis Bronze Medal and an Ecovadis Sustainability Certificate. Thanks to these results, Bruschi is among the 50 per cent of companies evaluated by EcoVadis with the highest scores.

What is the Ecovadis Assessment?

Ecovadis is a collaborative platform that enables companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers in 150 sectors and 110 countries. It releases classifications of monitoring tools that enable companies to manage risks and incorporate their innovations into their supply chains.
The Ecovadis Assessment involves a delivery process and a series of completed questionnaires that allow EcoVadis CSR experts to analyse company policies. EcoVadis’ assessment methodology is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and the Global Compact Principles.


How the assessment helps Bruschi

The Ecovadis assessment enabled Bruschi to identify its strengths in four areas in particular: 
•    Environmental
•    Social
•    Ethical
•    Supply Chain

This analysis allows Bruschi to grow further and to invest in research and innovation in order to promote innovation in the field and smart workspace management, but above all to continue to improve the environmental performance of the plants.


Check out our sustainability page to discover Bruschi’s values.

Otherwise contact us for more information. 


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