Bruschi selected for “Champions 2019” project among the 600 best Italian SMEs

by Arianna Piersigilli February 28, 2019

Bruschi has been selected among the 600 best Italian SMEs for the project “Champions 2019” by ItalyPost and on the 15th of March it will be attending the event organized by L’Economia, the economic voice of Corriere della Sera, at the head office of the Italian Stock Exchange.


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The project “Champions 2019”

Champions 2019” is a research on small and medium-sized enterprises conducted by ItalyPost in partnership with L’Economia, which analyzes the performance of Italian SMEs that in the last six years have achieved a turnover between 20 and 500 million euros, thus proving outstanding abilities of development and growth.

The study has been carried out by financial analysts of Credit Rating Agency ModeFinance and by financial advisors of Special Affairs, which have selected 600 Italian SMEs that have distinguished themselves for achieving excellent results as regards growth rate, profitability, capital strength and financial independence. Among these 600 companies, 500 of them have reached a 20-120 million turnover, while the remaining ones have accomplished a 120-500 million turnover: these enterprises together represent the main Italian manufacturing group, whose overall revenue is approximately 44 billion.

The research focused not only on financial analysis and profitability, but also on the governance and organizational structures of the SMEs. It also involved their ability to generate high employment levels and the implementation of a method based on commitment to investment and development. These companies have indeed been able to grow despite the difficulties of economic crisis in 2008, reaching a growth rate of 10,67% per year.

Bruschi case

As already mentioned, Bruschi is among the companies selected for the project “Champions 2019”. This is the outcome of an organic turnover growth, which is more than doubled from 2009 to 2018. Bruschi can be therefore considered a fast-growing company characterized by an international vocation (85% of production is intended for foreign markets), which has allowed it to acquire more and more multinational clients and important players of the manufacturing industry.

Paolo Rastelli, Bruschi President and CEO, declared:

"We are proud to have been selected for the project Champions 2019 that includes us among the 600 best Italian SMEs. This result originates from our approach to work: here in Bruschi we always accept new challenges and this has allowed us to grow over the years, developing new skills and establishing relationships with increasingly diversified entities. Our model is based on three key principles: result-oriented approach, willingness to change and inclination to collaboration. A winning model that allows us to compete on international markets and to reach our targets.”

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