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Bruschi Case Study: strategic selling and digital marketing

by Vera Agostini December 6, 2019


On Monday 2nd December 2019 Paolo Rastelli and Simone Maggiori, CEO and Head of Sales of Bruschi S.p.A., have been invited by Professor Alessandro Bruni of Pisa University to speak about sales strategy and digital marketing to the students of the Master Degree in Management Engineering.

Sales strategy and digital marketing in Bruschi S.p.A. are innovative and tailored on the B2B market: as it has been explained to the students the difference between the activities undertaken by Bruschi and those developed by competitors is qualitative. In fact Bruschi oversees every aspect of the process that leads to commercial negotiation in an organic and coherent way finalized to the acquisition of new customers.

The starting point of the process of new commercial opportunities generation implemented by Bruschi is positioning.

Positioning in Bruschi means the set of activities developed to transform the image of Bruschi from the one of a commodity supplier to the one of a company that is a partner in the manufacturing of products. In this way Bruschi qualifies itself not only as a supplier of products but also as a services supplier, differentiating itself from the competitors and accompanying the customer throughout the course of its commercial relationship with Bruschi. Market positioning is a complex concept, which is structured with years of activity and experience. However, to speed up the generation of qualified leads, Bruschi process has made extensive use of the most innovative digital tools.

Thanks to its positioning activities Bruschi has been able and is currently able to make itself known to its potential customers by presenting itself as a reliable and internationally recognized partner.

The results of this process are remarkable: when, in 2018, Bruschi decided to expand its commercial activity in the United States, a mapping and qualifying activity was undertaken in order to evaluate the commercial opportunities on the territory. Starting from a situation in which Bruschi was not known, many companies were contacted through digital marketing and marketing automation activities and their selection led to several business meetings.

In conclusion, to present Bruschi positioning and lead generation process to the students of Management Engineering has surely been a constructive and stimulating experience: a great opportunity to talk about an innovative process, internally developed and in constant evolution and, furthermore, a great chance to receive feedback and insights from those who, being still at an educational stage, certainly have a fresh and revolutionary view.


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