New appointment with the webinar cycle "1 hour of ... with ...": guest of the day Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala

by Giovanna Sacchi Nemours March 11, 2022

1 hour of... with... Giuseppe Sala

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, a new appointment as part of the initiative "1 hour of ... with ..." had the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala as a guest. "1 hour of ... with ..." is the webinar cycle organized by Bruschi for all its employees and selected stakeholders, which aims to provide general food for thought on the present: moving from the most current to the vision of the future.

The guest of this appointment: Giuseppe Sala

As anticipated, the guest of the day was Dr. Giuseppe Sala: politician, business and public executive, current Mayor of Milan, and of the metropolitan city. Sala, who grew up in Varedo (MB), graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University in 1983 and later held executive roles in companies of international importance such as Pirelli and Telecom Italia. In 2009, however, he began his experience in the field of public management with the appointment of General Manager of the Municipality of Milan. In May 2013 he was then appointed Sole Commissioner delegate of the Government for Expo Milano 2015 and from June 21st, 2016 he was Mayor of Milan and the metropolitan city, the public office he is currently holding for the second term.


1 hour of… with… Giuseppe Sala: the public and the private sector

During the meeting with the mayor, the topic dealt with was the relationship between public and private in relation to the role that Milan, a city always devoted to change, is playing in this game.

Mayor Sala underlined the differences between the public and private sectors: differences capable of enriching a system, of making a territory grow. One example among the many brought by Sala concerns the relationship between school and business: a collaborative system that starts from the educational field up to the world of companies and then touches the relationship between the latter and the public sphere. Synergies capable of keeping a city with 26 centuries of history young, able to reinvent itself each time, giving the best of itself.

Even today, Sala pointed out, Milan is in a state of change: each of its citizens is called to take a step forward towards a shared future on issues such as sustainability and digital transformation, which concern each of us and towards which everyone he is called to make his own contribution.

Finally, Mayor Sala spoke about the complexity of today's society and the challenges posed by the contemporary world, especially for those who do business, for those who dare to take responsibility, because taking a risk is always a positive factor for social growth. Especially in a sector such as manufacturing, which is the flagship of the Milanese area even today.


In conclusion

The message that Mayor Giuseppe Sala left us is that despite the current situation, with the war in Ukraine and a series of uncertainties affecting the life of Milan and Italy, he is optimistic for the future. Sala thinks that Italians are resilient people who know how to react to difficulties: capable of change. In particular, according to Sala, Milan is, in fact, one of the few cities in Europe able to have a link with an important past, an interesting present, and at the same time be a window to the future.





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