Over the years, the production of zinc die casting components has become increasingly demanding and innovative. Zinc die casting can allow you to develop more innovative and functional products.

Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

This complexity requires advanced quality control measures both on the final product and on the whole productive system.

Bruschi products match the highest quality standards, complemented by a strict examination of the final products to grant they will fulfill our customers’ requests. To achieve this, we analyze and share every detail of design, of finishing, of aesthetical and functional requirements with our clients.

Our quality standards are subjected to strict controls to meet our customers’ expectations and ensure that they receive high-quality products.

A production process and quality standards you can trust.

Thanks to our expertise in the zinc alloy die casting industry, we are able to anticipate our customers’ needs and expectations, and to provide engineering solutions tailored to them. An excellent organization allows us to accelerate time of delivery, improve performances and simplify integrations with other components.

Bruschi ensures across-the-board quality to deliver the results you need, granting high standards of functionality and a great overall quality for the final consumer.

Over the years we have steadily increased the quality and reliability of our products and the entire casting process of zinc alloys, achieving important environmental and ethical certifications.




  • UNI EN ISO 14001
  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • ISO /TS 16949

In addition to these, in February 2017 we achieved the SMETA 4-Pillars certification in order to give our clients the certainty of relying on a sustainable production system, certified by Sedex organization.

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